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Spend your holidays in 'God's Own Country - Kerala'.

Take your pick from a wide option of tours available with Indian Travel Tourism.

Tour Packages in Kerala
Kerala offers a choice of fascinating holiday destinations. Choose from the available options or send in your queries for a customized tour.

Backwaters & Houseboats in Kerala
Experience the captivating scenic beauty of Kerala in utmost comfort and leisure of a well-furnished houseboat offering comfortable accomodation. It is sure to turn the idea of your dream vacation into a reality.

Ayurveda & Yoga in Kerala
The very essence of Ayurveda lies in its practical nature and its sublime simplicity. The connoisseurs in the field of yoga will assist and teach you various practices, which will surely become a part of your daily routine for the rest of your life.

Hotels in Kerala
Indian Travel Tourism can arrange for your accommodation in Kerala at prices that you would love to pay. Choose from a list of hotels, send us the specifications and leave rest on us.

... Kovalam
... Periyar

... Kumarkom
... Munnar

Ayurveda & Yoga in Kerala

AyurvedaVisit God's own land Kerala with Indian Travel Tourism and take full advantage of the time tested healing sciences of ayurveda and yoga. Here, a variety of fascinating experiences await your body, mind and soul. The visit will revitalize every facet of your being and help you begin life a new… Kerala's climate is also best suited for Ayurveda's curative and restorative packages.

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Kerala offers a distinct and effective style of Ayurveda treatment, which includes Pizhichil (oil bath), Ilakizhi (leaf bundle massage), Navarakizhi (rice bundle massage) and countless others.

These methods are used to cure chronic severe diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis, facialpalsy, motorneuron diseases, ankylosing spondylitis, acute infective polyneuritis, spinal problems, and gastric or peptic ulcers.

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We have different programs for overall fitness, mental and physical well being, body sudation, body slimming, rejuvenation, body immunization and longevity. The skilled and experienced professionals will treat and hence prescribe you proper medicines to cure various diseases.

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