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The enchanting Rajasthan welcomes you with open arms.

Indian Travel Tourism gives highest importance to what you prefer to visit. Our special tours are an attempt to give the travelers everything that they need on a trip.

Tour Packages in Rajasthan
Indian Travel Tourism presents you a choice of various tours that exhibit the best of Rajasthan. If you have any specific requirements, write to us and we will get back to you with itinerary of your choice.

Places of Interest in Rajasthan
Visit the most popular places in Rajasthan with Indian Travel Tourism. Please don't hesitate to mention any specific place which you want to explore as we are expert in customizing the tour as per your choice.

Fairs & Festivals in Rajasthan
Time to drench in the festive spirits! Take part in the colorful fairs and festivals in Rajasthan with Indian Travel Tourism. We assure you a gala time and a memorable experience.

Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan
Explore the most opulent palaces and forts that dot the land in Rajasthan. Moreover, our experts are always ready to come up with customized itinerary just for you keeping in mind your preferences.

Train Tours in Rajasthan
Travel like a Maharaja of yesteryears in the most luxuriously maintained saloons of luxury trains. Explore the palaces that stand testimony to the valor and chivalry of the Rajput rulers. The journey would surely transport you back into the days when kings and queens ruled the majestic land of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Hotels in Rajasthan
You mention your preferences and we will make all the arrangement for your stay in some of the most luxurious hotels.

Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan

Mehrangarh Fort | Jaisalmer Fort | City Palace | Hawa Mahal
Amber Palace | Lalgarh Palace

Mehrangarh FortLocation: Jodhpur
Built in: 15th century
Prime attraction: Numerous palaces within the fort

Mehrangarh Fort is one of the most impressive and formidable structures in Rajasthan. Although invincible from outside, it has four gates that can be approached by a winding road. The fort houses magnificent palaces with marvelously carved panels, latticed windows and evocative names. A fabulous collection of trappings of Indian royalty makes it a distinct place.
Explore the architectural heritage of Mehrangarh Fort

Jaisalmer FortLocation: Jaisalmer
Built in: 12the century AD
Prime attraction: The four gateways and red sandstone work

Located on a 80-meter high perch on the hill, housing the entire township within its ramparts, Jaisalmer Fort is a place where world famous 'Desert Festival' is organized every year. It is approached through four gateways- Akhilya Pol, Ganesh Pol, Suraj Pol and Hava Pol. The entire fort is an enchanting web of lanes that are dotted with havelis, temples and palaces.
Explore the architectural heritage of Jaisalmer Fort

City Palace, UdaipurLocation:
Built in:
Prime attraction:

City Palace, the formal royal residence is an example of the excellence of Rajput and Mughal architectural styles. The carved arches supported by grey-white marble columns and marble statues of two elephants guarding the entrance are sure to leave you spellbound. A collection of rare artifacts in the museum adds to the splendor of this palace
Explore the architectural heritage of City Palace

Hawa MahalLocation: Jaipur
Built in:
Prime attraction: Delicately honey combed windows

Located in the heart of Jaipur, five-storey building of Hawa Mahal is an architectural splendor. The exterior of the building includes semioctangonal and delicately honey combed windows that impart a majestic appeal to the whole monument. The intricate stone work on the exteriors is also worth more than a mere glimpse.

But the real craftsmanship is done in those places where ladies belonging to the royal family used to sit to watch the processions.
Explore the architectural heritage of Hawa Mahal

Amber PalaceLocation: Jaipur
Built in: 16th century
Prime attraction: Diwan-e-Aam

A breathtakingly beautiful complex of palaces, halls, pavilions, gardens and temples standing in a magnificent state reflects the royal past of Rajasthan. The palace complex emerges dramatically from the placid waters of Maotha Lake, which makes it like a fairy tale palace. A spectacular painted hall, Diwan-e-Aam, and a double storeyed painted gateway are sure to leave you spellbound.
Explore the architectural heritage of Amber Palace

Lalgarh PalaceLocation: Bikaner
Built in :
Prime attraction: Intricate filigree work

The Lalgarh Palace displays an exclusive blend of Oriental and European architectural styles. Constructed of exquisite red stones it is a royal building with overhanging balconies and delicate latticework. The intricate filigree work exhibits the refinements and delicacy of craftsmanship. The terraced lawns and the Bougainvillea bushes add to the splendor of this palace.
Explore the architectural heritage of Lalgarh Palace

Mehrangarh Fort | Jaisalmer Fort | City Palace | Hawa Mahal | Amber Palace | Lalgarh Palace

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